I know that the title to this blog post might seem a little bit weird. I mean it seems like I’m talking about some sort of commercial experience. It seems like I’m talking about buying a product or service online and making sure that you milk as much value for every hard-earned dollar that you spend. Well, in a way, I am. But while a lot of guys get a lot of free sex through mobile apps and adult websites you still have to look at your activities from an efficiency perspective. If you are inefficient about your efforts at getting online pussy, it’s very easy to waste a lot of time online. As the old saying goes, “Time is money.” So for every second that you spend on the wrong website or talking people dicking around or otherwise wasting your time, you’re losing money. Why is this? Well, it’s called an opportunity cost.

You have to remember that if you are doing one thing, by definition, you’re not doing something else. Now, imagine you making more money with that alternative activity. Imagine you doing that activity instead of what you actually did. Now line up the stack of money that you generated doing those two activities. At the end of the day which activity should you have rather done? Do you see where I’m coming from? Time is money. Opportunity costs are real and sadly there are many websites out there that waste your money by wasting your time.

Putting together an adult dating site the wrong way or dealing with people on an adult date site the wrong way can waste quite a bit of time. You can lose a lot of money. So do yourself a big favor, make sure that only people who deserve to be on your list are on your list or just use a high quality adult dating site like http://www.adultdate.org. This way you don’t spend a lot of emotional currency and time trying to get hot chicks on that list. Sure, they may be hot now but they might actually bring a lot of drama to the table. Fucking them might actually open the floodgates to all sorts of unnecessary bullshit and headaches in the future. So you have to look at compiling your pussy list in such a way that it’s efficient. In other words, we are talking about free pussy and pussy that delivers immediate benefits and doesn’t waste your time.

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