In the last decade, technology advancements made porn widely available. Thanks to high-speed internet, we are always online, and it’s easy to fire up your favorite browser and find the adult content, even on your mobile devices. If you ever wanted to become an amateur pornstar, now seems to be a perfect time.

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Why is amateur porn so popular?

While pornstars are often setting the bar high, sometimes we need to be reminded that watching that local housewife or girl next door banging in her kitchen is equally or more exciting. These real-life scenarios are something that could easily happen to any of us, so our imagination runs wild. You know that what you are watching is a real passion for porn done by the ordinary people you meet on the streets every day, and not by people that are just acting on a set. Lots of these amateurs quickly gain a huge following, which provides them enough money so that they can quit their daily jobs and focus on producing quality amateur porn, all homemade content. Luckily, you can do that now too and it’s quite easy to get started.

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What do you need to start and become an amateur pornstar?

Probably the best place to start are camming sites. All you need is a decent computer, broadband internet, and any modern web cam. Luckily, all of them support full HD resolution, so you don’t need to invest more than a hundred dollars or so. Camming is the best way to gain experience, as you are directing your show without any pressure. You can learn a lot by watching the successful cam models, but at the same time, you need to make a unique show, and people will come. In time, you will be more relaxed and willing to try new things, and when you have enough fans, your content may end up on platforms such as Pornweez.

We must act out passion before we can feel it.

Jean-Paul Sartre
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Many pornstars began their careers this way before they went to porn castings or were contacted by famous production companies. Of course, it’s perfectly OK to stay in amateur levels, making porn content that you love while earning enough money to make it your primary job. As long as you are passionate about it, people will come to watch and encourage you to do more. Knowing that you as an amateur pornstar are in full control, this should always be on your mind, as you can take a break whenever you want to and get back once you are inspired. The wonderful world of amateur porn is here to stay!