I don’t like to pay for pussy. Seriously, I don’t like to pay for sex workers or prostitutes. The reason why I don’t like to do that is because like the typical guy, I have a healthy self-esteem. I think I know the sex game well enough that I can get free pussy without having to shell out the dollars. In my mind, the guys who pay for pussy either don’t have the time or are butt ugly or just complete losers. In many cases, they’re creeps.

Still, the art of the free hook up is not a slam dunk. You see, just like with any kind of activity and any kind of endeavor, your chances of success depends on the tools you use. Make no mistake about it, online adult dating sites, whether anonymous or not, are tools. If you pick the wrong tools, then you can kiss your dreams of enjoying free hook ups goodbye. You can spend a tremendous amount of time on these websites only to walk away with your dick in your hand.

That’s right, you can spend a tremendous amount of time, effort and emotional energy on these websites with very little to show for it. The reason this is the case is because a lot of these websites offer terrible free hook up experiences. I’m not going to say that these websites are total out and out frauds. However, the way they work is pretty much fraudulent.

I wish there was a way around to saying this, but this is the case. This is the best way to describe something that sucks up a terrible amount of your time only to spit out very weak results. In fact, I’ve gone to so many different free hook up websites and ended up with the same results I would have ended up with if I did not join an online adult dating site. You see where I’m coming from?

If you’re going to only get laid once every 9 months, then you probably would do better if you just don’t go on the internet and just try to chase pussy in your local area. In most cases, your chances are probably better because these chicks see you, they experience you directly and they can make up their mind directly. There’s less bullshit unlike in an online setting.