In the past adult photographers would source their female talents by posting ads in print magazine where they promised fame and fortunes in return for skin shots. With the change from print to online magazines and the lack of adult sites being frequented by women, the search has become way more pro-active for shooters. Theses days they are searching new talents on cam sites. Chicks that find their way to cyber sex are pretty open to become models for nudes.

My friend John who lives in The Philippines has found another way of finding talents to pose for Filipina Sex Pictures. His way to locate amateur models is a lot of fun. He is barhopping. He visits bars with gogo dancers and buys drinks for the ladies on stage. This leads to conversations in which they ask about his job. Photographer. Bingo. What kind of pictures? What kind of pictures would you like? I can do whatever. If you want to make some money, I can take your nudes and sell them to an agency in America? The chicks get big eyes and agree. Probably, there are a lot of guys doing this routine to find new Asian amateur talents. It’s not unique to the Philippines but can be managed in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places just like his Asian Sex Diary Review shows. John is traveling all over the continent to recruit new talents from bars and brothels to present them as conquests on his website.

His recent travels have taken him to China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The hookers there are very much like regular amateur girlfriends. They don’t have the attitude issues seen with prostitutes in the Western World. They are sweet and caring and want to make sure their customers and partners are well taken care of. All of that with a lot of smiles. Heart warming it is.